Starting a Scheme

How to Start a Scheme & Role of a Scheme Coordinator

If you live in Gosport and are interested in starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, check that there isn’t already one in place then chat to a few neighbours to see if they are interested in joining a scheme. The scheme can be just a small group of homes or the whole street.

Neighbourhood Watch Logo

Neighbourhood Watch is owned by the neighbours and supported by the Police but to be a registered scheme, the Police require the majority of neighbours to be supportive.

Each Neighbourhood Watch Scheme consists of a group of residents who watch out for each other and at least two residents are required to run the scheme.

One will be appointed the Scheme Coordinator(SC), the other will be the deputy.

Depending on the size of the scheme helpers may also be required.

GNWA will send information/alerts etc to the SC’s which they should then send to the scheme members.

If you believe there is sufficient interest, then please contact Carole (07946 _678264). Carole will talk you through the process and arrange a convenient time when she can assist you in door knocking your neighbours and getting them signed up to neighbourhood watch.

The Role of a Scheme Coordinator:

  • Keep up to date records of all scheme members’ address and contact details and most importantly email addresses
  • Have a system that enables you to quickly distribute information to your scheme – this may be warnings about recent crimes/incidents or newsletters
  • Encourage members to quickly inform the Police of suspicious and criminal activity. They should then tell you, so you can pass details to your scheme
  • Welcome new residents, explain the scheme and invite them to join
  • Ensure street signs are visible and clean and replace if necessary. (Cost of signs for a new scheme is £12.50 each we recommend one at each entrance to the scheme).
  • Ensure GNWA has your current contact details (phone & e-mail)
  • Support GNWA by attending the AGM in September along with your deputy and members
  • If you are interested in starting a scheme in your area please contact Carole on 07946678264.

Here are some good practice ideas for Schemes and Coordinators:

  • Regular or occasional newsletters to keep neighbours informed about local issues and remind them of their NHW responsibilities
  • Social events or activities which help to strengthen your community and develop community spirit such as local litter picks, a barbeque or skittles evenings to encourage team work. Over to you for your own ideas
  • Knowing who your most vulnerable residents are and being able to sign post them to other support if necessary
  • Engaging the youth and children in your community as they are our most precious resource and the future of our communities