Stop Sneak-in Burglaries

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Police in Gosport are urging residents to prevent sneak-in burglaries by thinking about security when enjoying the warm weather.
Officers say people can let their guard down during the summer months, leaving windows open also doors unlocked even when they go out.
“Naturally, people want to leave doors and windows open when the temperatures are warmer. This unfortunately provides opportunity for the few in our community to take advantage and steal others possessions.
“Despite Gosport being one of the safest places to live in the country, there are individuals who are intent on stealing property, and will sneak into homes given the opportunity”
If you see someone acting suspiciously in residential areas, please report them to Hampshire police by calling 101. Always call 999 if you see a crime taking place.
For more information about keeping your home safe this summer, visit Hampshire Constabulary website.
Two residents in Gosport town Centre have had their homes entered, during the daytime via rear gardens whilst tending their front gardens. Leaving rear of properties unlocked resulted in property stolen including purses, mobile phones and IPADS.
Stay safe Lock your downstairs windows and doors especially when you go out.

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