Scam Telephone Calls

Scam telephone calls.

Gosport police have received reports of telephone SCAMS. Individuals are phoning victims AND advising them they are entitled to refunds/PPI claims etc.

If you receive such a call & you are advised you need to part with money up front to receive your claim please be advised this is not a genuine call. Never part with any finances in this situation or share any of your bank details.

Examples of calls received recently in the Gosport area.

• Victim has been contacted (telephone call) by someone posing as claims group and advising him that he was entitled to a refund due to hidden bank charges. In order for funds to be released the victim had to pay £150 up front. Once victim paid 150.00 he discovered it was a scam.

• Victim received a call from a chargeback claims company stating the victim had valid PPI claims and was due over three thousand pounds. To retrieve the PPI outstanding to the victim she was instructed to purchase £365.00 of ITUNES vouchers & call the company back once she had done so.
Victim returned home with vouchers & telephoned company. Victim instructed to scratch off vouchers & provide company with redemption codes which she did. Victim was then advised her deceased partner still owed the company money & she would have to do the same to clear this debt. Victim was prevented from doing so by friend.

Please be vigilant. These individuals appear to be professional & legitimate. Do not allow such dreadful people to get their hands on your money. Look out for other members of your community & seek advice from phone providers to block unknown numbers.

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