Roofing scam

A lady in East Finchley was pursued over several days by a “roofing company” trying to persuade her to pay for scaffolding erection with a view to work on the roof and chimneys. Fortunately the lady realised something was not right and refused to deal with them further before giving them any money. This lady was approached again by different men trying a different angle within a week!

It is best not to engage with callers either at the door or on the phone. If you do it encourages them to try again another time, these addresses and phone numbers end up on “mugs lists”and are valuable to con people..

In both cases the con men were well presented, charming, fluent and had a good answer for everything.
If you are concerned about damage to your home it is best to discuss this with family and work towards finding a reputable workman. Please don`t buy at the door.

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