Fort Gilkicker Stokes Bay Warning.

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We’d like to update you about recent reports of large groups of youths entering Fort Gilkicker on Stokes Bay .
While this isn’t a criminal matter, as trespass is a civil offence, we have been discussing the issue with partner agencies and youth groups as part of our work in the local community.

Ultimately it is the landowner who is responsible for securing their property and we will become involved if there is a criminal damage issue reported to us.
Our primary concern is that this is a derelict fort in a bad state of decay, with many hidden dangers. Its location is isolated making it a difficult site for emergency services to reach. If somebody were to injure themselves within the premises  emergency services response time would be longer than normal.
This is private property and a closed site that is fenced off with numerous signs along its perimeter informing the public to ‘Stay Out, Danger’. 
We have spoken to Gosport Borough Council and their Environmental Health Officers along with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Officers have completed a site visit. The landowner has also been spoken to and is reviewing the security measures currently in place at the site.
We have also been undertaking regular patrols and have spoken to around 20 youths in the area. We have sent letters to their home addresses to update their parents about the dangers posed by trespassing.
We’d like to stress that most of  the calls we have been receiving about this site are about concerns for the safety of those trespassing rather than a criminal matter.
We’d like to stress to parents that if their children are visiting Stokes Bay during the summer holidays they should re-iterate the dangers of trespassing to them beforehand.




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