Elson Area Theft of tools.

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There has been a recent spate of incidents in the Elson area involving theft of tools and equipment from unattended vans and secured vans particularly targeting vehicles belonging to tradesmen who regularly use power tools.

Please read our advice below:
Park your vehicle in a secure area (in a garage or behind locked gates, if possible).
If you can’t, park in a well-lit street in easy view of your own or neighbours’ houses.
Where possible, remove valuable items from the vehicle overnight and store them in a secure place.
Do not leave tools or equipment on view inside the vehicle.
Consider fitting an appropriate alarm system, protecting the cabin and load areas.
Apply a security marking product to power tools and equipment (further details available on request). Alternatively, etch or emboss identifiable marks to these items.
Consider installing secure storage containers or lockers in the van to store tools in.
Ensure that the van doors are securely lockable and consider having suitable deadlocks installed.
Make sure to physically check that the van doors and windows are locked if you have used the remote to lock the vehicle, even if the feedback indicates the van as locked.
When visiting businesses, try to park close to the entrance and preferably in the view of CCTV
Log your property for free at Description: https://www.bullguard.com:3221/images?http://www.immobilise.com/ 

If you see any suspicious activity please call 999 or 101.

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