Crime Prevention Advice for your Bicycle.

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People are being encouraged to take up cycling, both to improve their health and as an alternative form of transport to reduce congestion and emissions. With increasing numbers of people owning bicycles, it is important to know how to keep them safe.

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of bikes are stolen in the UK each year, so please follow the below crime prevention advice to help keep your bikes secure while at home and when out and about.

Crime Prevention Advice

• Get an approved bike lock. Look for the Sold Secure logo on approved locks.
• Always lock your bike at home, even when it is in your garage.
• When out and about,
lock your bike up in a secure location at a bike rack or lamp post.
• Always lock your bike, even if you’re only leaving it for a couple of minutes.
• Make the locked bike difficult to manoeuvre. Keep any gaps between the lock and bike frame small.
• If you have quick release wheels, lock them up too or take them with you.
Remove lights from the bike and take them with you.
• Identify and record your bike details. Take photographs and note any unique identifying features.
• Consider etching your postcode on to your bike frame.
It is thought that thieves actively use ride-recording apps, such as “Strava”, “Endomondo” and “Map My Ride”) to identify where high value bikes may be kept. This primarily occurs whenindividuals post their recorded rides to the public domain. It is believed they head over to the ride start or finish and possibly target likely garages and sheds in the vicinity until they find what they want.
The general advice is to start recording a short way from home and stop the recording a short way before you arrive at your door.
However, with Strava, privacy zones for home and work, using a post code, can be set up. To enable this, access “settings” on the account and go to “privacy”.This option causes Strava to blank out for the first half a mile or so of your bike ride.
• If you have bike racks on your vehicle, remove them as this might be an indicator to thieves that a good quality bike is located at the property. If it is not practical to remove the racks, then ensure that your bicycle is securely locked and stored away.

Report any suspicious activity immediately. Call 999 if you feel a theft is about to take place or is taking place. Call 101 to report a theft if it’s already occurred a considerable time ago.



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