Cashpoint and parking meter scam

This scam has been reported by motorists who have parked on roads and private car parks across Barnet and have been approached by a male suspect “to assist them” with paying for parking. They usually pretend to be traffic wardens or their managers.

When getting to an ATM or to a parking meter, the suspects have then told the motorists their credit cards either have been “swallowed up” by the machine or they have used a handheld device and used distraction methods to steal their credit cards. The cards are then immediately used and thousands of pounds in cash withdrawn.

No parking attendant will ever ask you for your credit card to pay for parking.
If you are approached by someone, even if they are wearing a yellow jacket or some form of ID,
Do not give them your card!. Call Police immediately on 999 or ask someone for help or to call the police.

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