Bogus Callers

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POLICE in Hampshire have advised people to be wary of potentially bogus callers knocking on your door. Their warning comes after two rogue water engineers stole jewellery and cash from a pensioner’s bedroom. Although most calls are genuine, distraction burglars often work in pairs so while you are distracted by one person, the other can sneak into your home to steal. Genuine callers will always be happy to show you identification or call back when someone else is at home with you – so always ask if you are unsure. If you are a pensioner, or have a disability or impairment, you may be able to set up a password with your energy provider to help protect you further. Here are some more tips on how to protect yourself: – Make sure your back door is locked before answering the front door. – Use a door chain when opening the door. – Ask for identification and check it carefully before letting anyone into the house. – If you’re unsure ask them to come back when someone else is at home with you. – Direct people asking for help to a nearby shop or other public place, don’t let them in. – Keep all jewellery and expensive items out of sight. – Photograph each piece of jewellery being worn so you can prove it belongs to you. – Make sure all valuable items are insured. Always report any suspicious behaviour to the police by calling 101.

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